Цель компании ДжоинТекСэлл: вывести на рынок Систему miniSTEM, которая позволит сделать клеточные технологии более доступными как для врача, так и для пациента.

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miniSTEM Separator

Separator for obtaining cell fraction from the human adipose tissue is a close tightly sealed system of a closed sterile tightly sealed disposable medical device.

The device has isolated channels in its side walls, that enable all manipulations required by the protocol for harvesting the final cell fraction.

The inlet-outlet channels with outputs on different levels inside the wall of the medical device:

  • minimize the total area of the internal wall surface, which decreases the risk of cell adhesion to the tube surface;
  • allow for controlled addition of biological material and reagents near the walls, which decreases the physical impact on the biological material and increases the cell survival rate;
  • enable harvesting supernatant fluid with remnants of the adipose tissue stroma in full, without the centrifuged cell pellet;
  • enable harvesting the pellet that presents the stromal vascular fraction of the adipose tissue.

Generally, the device operation presents a step-by-step process of human tissue washing and processing to extract Stromal Vascular Cell Fraction, where the adipose tissue – lipoaspirate – is added into the device – a tightly sealed container, i.e. in a chamber for the treatment of the tissue via a channel by attaching the syringe containing biological material to a connector.

The biological tissue is washed from the remnants of blood in a buffer solution added via a channel. Excess liquid is removed from the system via a channel. The biological tissue is fermented by an enzyme added via a channel. The centrifuge is run, and the stromal vascular fraction goes through the filter into the cell concentration chamber. Excess fluid is removed via a channel, the pellet is washed from enzyme remnants using a buffer solution. Final stromal vascular fraction is extracted via a channel.

Adipose tissue stromal vascular fraction extracted with the separator can be used as a cell autotransplant; for the treatment, reparation or substitution of tissue, involving an injection of a stromal vascular fraction of the adipose tissue into hard and/or soft tissue.