Цель компании ДжоинТекСэлл: вывести на рынок Систему miniSTEM, которая позволит сделать клеточные технологии более доступными как для врача, так и для пациента.

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Moscow, Russia

miniSTEM Comby

miniSTEM Comby is an “all-in-one” workstation with a specially designed centrifuge with a thermocontrol system. Low-speed large capacity centrifuge with a universal 2-beaker rotor. The centrifuge was developed in Russia especially for the miniSTEM system.

The system provides advantages as follows:

(1) ease of use;

(2) optimal speed of processing;

(3) low costs of technology implementation and ownership as compared to its Western analogues;

(4) cell product quality – high viability, high concentration of such nucleated cells as lymphocytes and monocytes and precursor cells.

The miniSTEM system is easy to use and does not require any specific skills or long training. An operational protocol is developed for handling the miniSTEM system. The treatment procedure can be performed by laboratory technicians, no technical support is required.

System Peculiarities:
  • Sturdy and light outer casing made of steel and aluminum, painted with epoxy polyester powder coating
  • The vibration-resistant construction of the centrifuge
  • Reliable brushless motor that doesn’t require maintenance
  • High accuracy of maintaining rotation speed supported by a microprocessor operating system and electromagnetic speed sensor (deviation does not exceed +/− 50 rpm)
  • Smooth speeding up and slowing down
  • The specially developed Rotor-System balance automatically detects and corrects up to 50 grams of imbalance, which helps to decrease the time of average launch setting, and, moreover, ensures continuous operation, minimizing the device wear
  • There is a possibility to regulate rotation speed in revolutions and units relative to centrifugal force (RPM/RCF) with a function of the selected mode memory
  • Imbalance detector and emergency electronic break (the time of emergency breaking does not exceed 20 s.)
  • Automatic cover lock at rotor rotation
  • Low level of noise (does not exceed 65 dB)
  • The hardware of the miniSTEM system is managed via a touch screen where pre-programmed modes of the adipose tissue processing will be used. The system uses the push-and-work approach that ensures minimal deviations from the action plan (protocol) for SVF extraction, prepared by the developer.

The centrifuge complies with international standards and has all novel advantages used in its foreign counterparts (temperature control, rotor-system balance that automatically detects and corrects up to 50 grams of imbalance, which makes centrifuge operation much easier and minimizes its wear, and other characteristics).